Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hans Breakout Indicator

Hans Breakout MT4 Indicator

This is the first indicator for Hans Simple Combined Breakout System ever coded. It features configurable sessions, breakout pips, and exit time.
This indicator is a must have if you want to follow Hans Breakout System. It gives all the visuals you ever needed.

How to read signals:

Buy when price crosses up red dot (resistance). There can be two trades in a single day, because there're two string of red dots.
Sell when price crosses down blue dot (support).
Set stop loss 50 pips away (EURUSD) or 70 pips (GBPUSD). If the other end of breakout is closer, then set SL to the breakout.
Close all orders and trades when the dots end
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Hans Breakout Indicator
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