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Market Profile Meter Indicators

Market Profile Meter - Market Profile classical solution of (market profile), which can display graphics on the statistical distribution of prices over time, cost and area reference value for daily trading session.
This indicator can be attached to the graphs of M5, M15 and M30 and will show the market profile for the daytime sessions. Although the timeframe M5 provides the greatest accuracy, M30 is recommended for better visibility, as well as the classic method of calculating the market profile.

There are three different color schemes to draw the block profile. The indicator is based on a simple price action and does not use standard indicators MetaTrader. It is available in versions for MetaTrader 4 MetaTrader and 5. Inputs: StartFromDate (default ='') - if StartFromToday is false, the LED will start drawing the profile of this date. He draws back in time. For example, if you set this variable to 2010.07.20 and DaysToCount 2, the profiles will draw for 2010.07.20 and 2010.07.19. StartFromToday (default = true) - if true, the LED begins to draw from today, otherwise - with the date specified in StartFromDate. DaysToCount (default = 2) - for several daily sessions to draw market profiles. ColorScheme (default = 0) - color scheme for blocks of profiles: 0 - from blue to red . 1 - from red to green . 2 - from green to blue . MedianColor (default = White) - the color of the reference value (median). ValueAreaColor (default = White) - the border color value area. screenshot shows the graphics market profiles calculated for two daily trading sessions of the Forex market. The timeframe is set to M30 and the second session is not over yet. The earliest prices are shown in blue, the most recent - in red. Med area and cost are marked with white lines and show the most important price levels. Traders usually returned to those levels if the volume on the breakout high enough. High volume breakout from these levels given the strong trend of signal waves.
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