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Bid Ask Channel Indicator

Bid Ask Channel indicator draws on the graph are small bars above the maximum price bars (candles), the height of this column is equal to the current spread on the currency pair. This is in order the better to display the pending orders Buy Stop or stop loss orders when installing Sell Stop.

The schedule for each currency instrument most often drawn at a price Bid (selling) price and Ask (Buy) is always higher and did not appear on the history of graphics, so this indicator is needed for those for whom every critical minimum price change.

To a greater extent that the indicator has been written for those traders who trade on the charts a little time, or in any way the use of small-scale charts in your trading system.

Parameters for this indicator, there is little, there is only one option which allows you to change the appearance and the thickness of the bar, in order to make it easier to see against the background of the chart.

Of course this indicator is not something new or some new feature, it just made to make life easier for some traders who need such a display, and of course a scalper for whom a small time period is virtually the only source of income and who just might do not have time to constantly calculate the level of a warrant.

Moreover, in recent years increasingly gaining popularity five figure quote, simply because, compared with four-digit spreads are quite small, which in turn is critical for the scalpers, or for those who often just the opening and closing of the transaction. But the problem is that the low spread is most often "floating", ie, can be resized in real time, more often such changes occur during the release of any important news, or in emergency situations in the world, which directly or indirectly may affect the economy of a state and including in its national currency. It is in such situations in the market, this indicator would be especially helpful to many traders, including Day Trader, too.

In trade, this indicator is only used as an auxiliary, in this case helps to do a lot of unnecessary calculations and ultimately save you much time to it enough to perform more important tasks for trading.
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